Offshore Leased Staff

US: (+1) 303 - 997 - 3278
PH: (+632) 403 - 5519

Offshoring and Outsourcing of Virtual Staff in the Philippines

KMC MAG Solutions, Inc. (KMC Solutions) is a professional offshoring and outsourcing company dedicated to providing virtual employees. The company is managed by a group of American, European and local managers with experience in IT, web development, writing and SEO outsourcing with office facilities located in Makati and Fort-Bonifacio, Metro-Manila, Philippines.

We provide college educated and highly experienced dedicated employees to be part of your company through the offshoring/outsourcing model.

KMC Solutions has a wide variety of dedicated staff to support your company, including web developers and designers, creative designers, programmers, creative writers, online marketing SEO specialists and data encoders. Our office operates 24 hours a day to give our clients flexibility.

Philippines outsourcing and offshoring is a cost effective and flexible way of expanding your business. When you partner with KMC Solutions you are able to offload the expense of maintaining highly-paid staff on your own payroll. KMC Solutions recruits, hires, manages and administers a team of professionals dedicated to working on your projects from our own facilities where the costs of labor are substantially lower, but the technical expertise is equal to anywhere in the world.

Ongoing Support after Staff Placement

Even after the dedicated staff is placed with our clients we continue to work with the employees to ensure they continue to develop skills, maintain a positive work ethic and grow personally and professionally. We have a team of professionals and technical experts who respond to your needs quickly via phone, chat or email, and follow through until your issue has been fully resolved. Our supervisors and shift managers are here to help you get the most out of our solutions by answering questions that may arise during the employment of your staff.

Virtual Team & Staff Management

Virtual Staff management is easier than you think. All your leased staff can be contacted directly via Skype, phone, email, IM or any other chosen method of communication. Many of our clients have a daily briefing with their Virtual Team and get them on track and motivated for the day. Communication will be your key to success with your offshore leased staff.

Employee Replacement if not Satisfied

These offshore dedicated employees will be assigned to work full time for you and your company, while you provide them specific work instructions. If the performance of any worker is found unsatisfactory, you are free to terminate that employee's services and KMC Solutions will find a replacement without any extra charge.


KMC Solutions in the Philippines provides:

  • Ready-to-operate Office and Infrastructure (desks, workstations, Internet)
  • Western management
  • 24/7 Employee availability (day and night shifts)
  • Employees with 40 hour work weeks
  • Technology and Tools (hardware, software, VOIP)

Quality of Leased Staff & Employees

  • College educated
  • Fluent in English
  • Experienced in the outsourcing industry
  • 100% dedicated to you

Leased Staff's Workstation

  • Traditional desk & chair
  • Contact/call center cubicle
  • Computer
  • Internet
  • IMs (Skype, YM, AOL, MSN Messenger)
  • Attendance monitoring software