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About KMC Solutions in the Philippines

KMC Solutions is based in Makati, Metro-Manila, Philippines, capital of the third-largest English-speaking country in the world and heart of the country's booming IT, call center and outsourcing industries. KMC Solutions is owned and operated by a group of Americans from Silicon Valley with in depth experience in the IT, call center, SEO, e-commerce and outsourcing industries.

We provide college educated and highly experienced dedicated employees to be part of your company through the offshoring model. Offshore Leased Staff has a wide variety of dedicated staff to support your company, including web developers and designers, creative designers, programmers, creative writers, online marketing SEO specialists and data encoders. Our office operates 24 hours a day to give our clients flexibility.

KMC Solutions prides itself on ensuring cost effective dedicated employees to fit your our clients' exact needs. Our company makes sure that you maintain your focus by providing you with experience offshore staff leasing. Offshore Leased Staff only hires skilled professionals to handle your company's administrative IT, design, SEO, data entry and other needs while you concentrate on your business' core competencies.