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offshoreleasedstaffLegal Transcriptionist in the Philippines

KMC Solutions can provide legal transcriptionists in the Philippines, which listen to dedicated recordings made by attorneys, paralegals and other legal professionals and transcribe them into legal documents.

We provide dedicated staff leasing services in Metro-Manila - with focus on the CBD's of Makati, Ortigas and Fort Bonifacio - at very affordable prices. Furthermore, we will also be responsible in selecting potential candidates to assure that you get the best legal transcriptionist for your company.

Lastly, KMC Solutions is pleased to offer serviced office space for your legal transcriptionists in one of our contact center facilities in Metro-Manila, Philippines; Makati or Fort Bonifacio.

offshoreleasedstaffDuties of a Legal Transcriptionist

The position of a legal transcriptionist in the Philippines can involve: