Outsource Technical Recruiters in the Philippines


KMC can provide offshore technical recruiters in the Philippines, specifically Metro Manila including the three major CBDs (Makati, Fort Bonifacio and Ortigas.)

KMC can provide companies with an outsourced team of technical recruiters based in Metro Manila's CBDs (Makati, BGC, and Ortigas.) We utilize the best sourcing channels to discover and recruit the best talent for our offshore team, ensuring that your technical recruiter staff are fully equipped and knowledgeable about their line of work.

The technical hiring team also uses the finest tools available when looking for potential talents, allowing them to choose from only the best and brightest candidates.

In addition to sourcing & hiring dedicated technical recruiters, we also house them in our serviced office spaces in Metro Manila.


Duties of a Technical Recruiter

  • Seek out, interview, and screen applicants to fill primarily technical position on existing and future job openings w/in the organization in the Philippines
  • Job duties would include: post jobs on different job posting sites, reformat resumes for clients, upload resumes and track applicants.
  • Pipeline for upcoming opportunities, maintain current status of candidates during consideration the screening process, schedule recruiting team interviews with candidates and client interviews for candidates, prepare brief information profile on clients that candidates will interview with and conduct new hire orientation
  • Understands the different labor demands of Metro Manila's main Central Business Districts - Fort Bonifacio, Makati and Ortigas