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Offshore to the Philippines using our Virtual Employee, Staff Leasing, or Staff Augmentation Services. We also provide Managed HR & Payroll Services for companies with existing services in the Philippines.

Staff Leasing Services

KMC provides recruitment and Staff Leasing for companies of all sizes who are in need of full-time, English-speaking college educated employees in the Philippines at affordable rates. Our outsourcing model enables you to maximize the Philippines’ talent and enjoy the benefits of outsourcing while still retaining oversight and control of the offshore employees who act as an extension of your existing team.

As an end-to-end outsourcing firm, we recruit, onboard, and  provide private offices, as well as infrastructure, workplace amenities, on-site technical support and direct access to your resources.

Outsourced HR & Payroll management

We offer Human Resources and Payroll management outsourcing services for companies already registered in the Philippines. KMC’s Payroll and HR Specialists can manage all aspects of Human Resources and Payroll allowing you to focus solely on your critical business operations and brand development.

KMC offers a comprehensive set of services that are designed to optimize our clients’ talent management, reduce costs, and improve process efficiency.

Our Specializations

We specialize in sourcing across a range of roles and specifications. We specialize in recruiting for IT & technical roles along with
professional service positions in the Philippines.

Build your Offshore Team in 5 Easy Steps

Free Initial Consultation

Calibration meeting with Client and KMC HR Team to discuss specific talent needs, goals, and job descriptions for your future team in the Philippines.

Sourcing & Initial Interview

KMC leverages its excellent employer branding and reputation to attract the best possible talent in the Philippines.

Contract Signing

Once successful candidates are identified, KMC prepares the employment offer and contracts, then extends a proposal as soon as approval is received.

Employee On-boarding & Set up

Upon employee signing, tickets are filed internally to ensure private offices are equipped with IT hardware

Continuous KMC Support

The HR, Admin, and IT teams at KMC will be at you and your new employees’ disposal allowing you to focus on your core objectives.

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