Prime Locations, Buildings & Offices

All of KMC offices are located in Class A buildings in Metro-Manila, Cebu and Clark’s CBDs with modern colorful designs throughout the lobbies, community areas, pantries and open space while attracting and retaining top local talent.  Our award winning designed offices provide productive workspace for over 2,000 virtual employees.

KMC Office Facilities

private office

Private Offices per Team

Private rooms with biometric access with room sizes from 3 to 24 desks

private office suites per team

Private Office Suites per Team

Teams of 25-200 enjoy Office Suites which come a Manager’s Cabin & meeting room

interview room

Interview Rooms & Phone Booths

Private areas for face to face or over the phone interviews

conference rooms

Conference Rooms

Well designed board and meeting rooms to accommodate up to 25 people

Training Rooms

Soundproof training rooms accommodating up to 50 people

community events

Event & Community Space

Areas with coworking space, pantries and bar for company, team events, seminars and community building