Frequently Asked Questions on Staff Leasing in the Philippines

Q: If the employee is performing well, at what stage is a raise justifiable and how does it work?

A: For every 6 months that you employ an employee, your billing will increase by 5% per employee. This gives him a goal to look forward to and helps retention. Generally an employee's salary increases 10% yearly.

Q: Are there other supervisors available to monitor my employee?

A: All employees are supervised by a Shift Manager and or the American Operations Manager. You will be given direct access to them at all times, and any problems you may have can be directly forwarded to their attention.

Q: Are you using a secure network and how does my employee connect to our office?

A: We don't implement an SSL network due to so many clients that we deal with wanting all different policies and practices set up for their security to their company network, the solution for this is we suggest to comply with your companies network security policies and that you set up a VPN (virtual private network) where your offshore employee will connect over the internet to your VPN server and this will then give him a secure tunnel to your location where you can implement what security you so desire. This is particularly useful if your employee needs access to secure files, printers, or servers.

Q: Am I involved in the recruitment process?

A: Yes, as this is where you can make sure your getting the best people for the job and you have a wider choice of who you want to work for you. Upon receipt of the job order and payment of the set-up fee, we provide you with qualified CVs (Resumes) of the candidates that have already been screened and passed our background check. Once you have decided on a candidate then we will send him an offer letter and start the hiring process for you.

Q: Can I offer my employee a bonus, incentive or salary increase?

A: Unfortunately, we do not allow employees to directly or indirectly receive any sort of bonus, salary increase, incentive, commissions, etc. However, if you strongly feel the need to reward your employee, you may forward this to our HR Department to guide you on what is suitable and what is not.

Q: Do you assign someone from the existing staff or you hire new employees?

A: We don't assign you employees from our existing staff. Our HR team recruits based on your exact requirements to ensure a perfect match.

Q: Who continuously evaluates my employee?

A: We do internal evaluations and we also send you out an evaluation after the 1st month and every 6 months.

Q: How can I be sure that I'm hiring the right person for the job?

A: Employees hired by KMC Solutions go through a rigorous screening process, in which we conduct very thorough personal background and employment history checks. We do not hire employees with a history of tardiness, unreliability, or non-attendance. We also brain bench every employee and do other in house tests to make sure that we are doing every possible to have the right employee.

Q: How can I be sure that my data, concepts and plans are safe?

A: We maintain a safe and secure network and keep our security patches up to date when they arise. Our facility is secure and the building has 24/7 armed security. Before entering the office all employees must sign in using our biometric system. Employees also have to sign a non compete and non disclosure agreement with us.

Q: How can I check the attendance and exact time schedule of my employee?

A: We have a biometric log in so we can check digitally the attendance. Employees cannot get in and out of the office without using their own thumb print. You can request for this report anytime you want.

Q: How can I check what my employee has done for the day?

A: You can ask your employee to email you a daily status report in any form you want. These may include text files of daily report sheets, visual updates (sometimes known as "before and after" images), Web 2.0 docs or other updates that you may require.

Q: How do I communicate with my employee?

A: You can use email or any of the IMs, Skype, MSN, Yahoo, AIM or ICQ for example. We also have an IP phone in the office. However, we recommend you have a digital paper trail of your conversations with your employee.

Q: How does the billing work for my employee?

A: Billing begins the moment an employee has begins work for you. The billing cycle is on the first of the month.

Q: How long does it take to hire an employee?

A: Depending on the skill set and the level of employee's experience the process usually takes 1 to 4 weeks. This can be more if you're putting a team together of highly experienced employees and depending what you put on your job order. For example if you wanted a data entry clerk or creative writer then we would have hundreds of applicants per week for this position. If you choose a level 4 programmer then we would expect to process 5-10 applicants per week before we give you qualified resumes.

Q: How many hours per day, and days per week, does my employee work?

A: The employee work a standard 40 hour work week. This is considered an "full-time dedicated" employee, who is exclusive to your tasks and in direct communication with you. This is the standard 40 hour work week.

Q: I don't understand what the set up fee is for, can you tell me more about it?

A: There is a set up fee for every hired employee to start the process. The set up fee gives you access to our human resource team who will do everything they can to bring you qualified resumes. We actually match the cost of this to get one employee going and these main costs are broken down here:

  • Computer (specs available on request)
  • Software licenses (Operating system and typically Adobe Photoshop)
  • Recruiting Manpower team (for headhunting, interviewing, clearance and background checks)
  • Advertising costs (to find YOUR candidate)
  • Brain Bench (This is an international standard test that costs $20 + per employee that we interview)

If our costs go over the set up fee you paid, we continue to finance the recruiting process and there are no additional costs to you.

Q: What is the actual recruitment process of each employee?

  • Advertising
  • Head hunting
  • Screening
  • Background checks
  • Government clearance
  • Interviewing
  • Extensive personality test (Brain Bench)
  • Preparing qualified resumes

You can now sit back and relax while we do all the work to bring you candidates

Q: How do we start the process?

A: You need to fill out the order form with as much detail as you can on what the type of employee you are looking for and his/her tasks. What you fill out to us is how we are going to hire and this will reflect on the resumes that you see. If you leave something out and we are already running adverts and processing candidates for you, asking questions based on what you put and it's lacking something then this will ultimately be noticeable on the type of candidates that your going to be getting. Once we get the form back to us then we will email you a proposal

Q: If something happens do I have to pay the set up fee again?

A: No, you don't pay the set up fee if your employee resigns or goes AWOL. Please keep in mind that this is also rare.

Q: Is there an evaluation period that we are given to asses the employee once he/she is deployed?

A: There is a 5 day evaluation period, if in this time you decide that you don't think this employee you have chosen is the one for you, we will then change him at our expense and not yours.

Q: What about reliability of hardware / software?

A: All our computers are purchased new and well maintained. In addition, we have backup PCs for employees to transfer to if any hardware issues arise.

Q: What are the procedures for making the actual hire?

A: First, once the set-up fee has been deposited, and a job order has been made, all the possible candidates go through a very rigorous screening process in order for us to best provide you with the most suitable employee, based on your requirements. The last round of the interview process is conducted by an American Manager.

Q: What are the procedures in the event that my employee resigns, and will it cost me anything?

A: Every employee must give 30 days written notice if they decide to resign, this should be enough time to hire a new employee and do the proper training and turnover. The average turnover can be done in less than 15 days, and it will not cost you extra. We change that employee at our expense and not yours.

Q: Will my team have its own dedicated manager?

A: We offer a FREE project manager with every 10 employees that you have.

Q: What happens if my hired employee ends up becoming a problem?

A: Although we have systems to prevent this as much as possible. However, in the event this where to occur, our HR department would address any concerns with the employee and ensure to resume your normal course of business.

Q: What if my employee is absent? Do I pay for this or do I get credit?

A: We implement a very strict attendance policy wherein if your employee does not report for work for more than 3 days in a month, then your bill will be adjusted to reflect these days.

Q: What if my employee suddenly leaves without any prior notice, do I have to pay again?

A: You are not required to pay for an employee that leaves without any prior notice. We would replace your employee at our expense and not yours. We also have strict contracts in place and we must stress that it is very rare that such a situation would arise.

Q: What is offshore staff leasing / remote staffing and what is outsourcing?

A: Offshore staff leasing is where you select someone that you want to work for you and we are your virtual office and remote human resource department. We are not outsourcing and please note the difference of "outsourcing," "offshore outsourcing," and "offshoring" are used interchangeably in public discourse despite important technical differences. To be consistent, "outsourcing," in a corporate context, represents an organizational practice that involves the transfer of an organizational function to a third party.

When this third party is located in another country the term "offshore outsourcing" makes more sense. "Offshoring," in contrast, represents the transfer of an organizational function to another country, regardless of whether the work stays in the corporation or not. In short, "outsourcing" means sharing organizational control with another organization, or a process of establishing network relations within an organizational field. "Offshoring," on the other hand, represents a relocation of an organizational function to a foreign country, not necessarily a transformation of internal organizational control.

Q: What payment methods/options are acceptable?

A: We accept the following:

  • Bank wire transfers
  • Credit Cards
  • Paypal
  • Western Union

Q: What time zone does my employee work?

A: Makati, Metro-Manila is +8 hours GMT. We have a 24/7 operation.

Q: Why the Philippines?

A: The BPO, outsourcing, call center and IT industries in the Philippines are fast growing. The Philippines is also the 3rd largest English speaking country in the world with very large talent pool.

Q: Will my employee have a fast internet connection?

A: Yes, our office already has multiple internet connections from various ISPs. Bandwidth and VOIP is not an issue.

Q: Will my employee speak and understand English?

A: Yes. The Philippines is the 3rd largest English speaking country in the world. It is one of our policies that every employee can speak, read, and write in English and have a college degree.