Staff Leasing Steps in the Philippines


1. Initial Consultation

Upon contacting us, one of our Consultants will contact you to discuss your inquiry. During the discussion we will suggest a staff leasing solution for you and your company. We will then provide you with a job description for your desired position.

2. Proposal

When you have made your decision, we will create and send you a proposal that includes the full projected costs of your dedicated staff and other details.

3. Contract Agreement

This will include full non-disclosure and non-compete agreements as well as payment and service terms. Once signed, the recruitment and hiring process begins.

4. Employee Recruitment

Our recruiting team begins searching for candidates that fit your specific job description. Personal background and employment history checks are then preformed. All candidates must pass a general and English test. Depending on the job description other tests may be given. The candidate is then interviewed by our HR manager and American management.

5. Employee Selection

As soon as our team collectively agrees on qualified candidates, we will forward you their resumes. We will then schedule interviews over the phone or Skype, between you and your chosen applicants. If requested, we will advise or assist you in making your hiring decision.

6. Implementation

One you chose your dedicated employee a conference call will be setup between you, your new employee and one of our American consultants to discuss the specific job, structure and expectations. Then we will set an employee start date for your new dedicated employee.

7. Employee Evaluation Period

Once your employee has begun working for you, there is a 5 day evaluation period to determine whether your new employee is a perfect fit. If you feel that he/she is not qualified and you want to change to a new employee, we'll find a new one for you free of charge!

8. Continuous Management Support

The Outsourcing team at KMC will be there for you and your dedicated staff, on both shores, to assist you in any way we can.