Staff Leasing Services from the Philippines

KMC provides recruitment and Staff Leasing for offshore Companies across multiple industries in need of full-time English-speaking, college educated employees in the Philippines at affordable rates.

Based on Job Descriptions provided by our Clients, KMC source and pre-screen experienced candidates presenting only the best (shortlisted) talent to our Clients for final interview. Upon Client confirmation, we hire the successful candidates under KMC’s corporate umbrella, managing all of the associated HR and Payroll. HRIS and payroll platforms are included that both staff and Clients at administrative level for leave approval etc. KMC provide secure private offices for dedicated remote teams inside our premium offices floors, handed over plug ‘n’ play even providing IT hardware as required. State of the art workplace amenities are provided as well as 24/7 technical support and Western operational management. KMC’s dedicated teams typically work 8 hours a day, 5 days a week at hours that best suit our Clients and attendance is closely monitored through our biometrics access devices.

Steps for Hiring Your First Offshore Employee(s)

  • 1. Free Initial Consultation

Calibration meeting with Client and KMC HR Team to discuss specific talent needs, goals and job descriptions for your future team in the Philippines.  Shortly afterwards, KMC provides you with projected salaries and a formal proposal indicating full costs (applicable to each role). Once Manpower Request Form (MRF) is signed, the sourcing process begins.

  • 2. Sourcing & Initial Interview

KMC leverages its excellent employer branding and reputation to attract the best possible talent in the Philippines. We tap multiple job portals, social media platforms, engage executive search techniques and roll out Employee Referral programs to gather resumes.  We then screen all resumes, interviewing the most qualified candidates and upon Client request have technical tests performed (supervised if necessary). Results are compiled and presented to Hiring Managers indicating salary expectations and final interviews set up with Clients based on feedback.

  • 3. Contract Signing

Once successful candidates are identified, KMC prepares the employment offer and contracts and extends same as soon as approval is received.  Compensation and benefits packages as well as KPIs are clearly defined and a start date agreed with candidates.

  • 4. Employee Onboarding & Set up

Upon employee signing, tickets are filed internally to ensure private offices are equipped with IT hardware (if required) and employees are registered on biometrics devices specific to Client’s unit. Staff are then invited in to complete their full onboarding with KMC including submission of pre-employment requirements, full training on HRIS / Payroll portals and more general induction around house rules and familiarization with Emergency protocols etc. KMC provide welcome kits and even assist in providing bank accounts and ATM cards to ensure employees can easily access their salaries.

  • 5. Continuous KMC Support

The HR, Admin and IT teams at KMC will be at you and your new employees’ disposal allowing you to focus on core objectives.

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